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    MyBrute is now ON THE IPHONE!


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    MyBrute is now ON THE IPHONE! Empty MyBrute is now ON THE IPHONE!

    Post  toorc on Mon Jun 08, 2009 6:03 pm

    I'm super excited to tell everyone that MyBrute is now in the Appstore! It's currently priced $4.99 but I believe it is totally worth it. The developers promise to keep updating and adding features. This is an app created from the original browser based game (http://bamatuf.mybrute.com)

    The game is a matchmaking fighting game. You customize your own Brute (You start with three and unlock more slots as you gain more pupils) You do 5 or 6 fights per day to level your character up and gain weapons and special abilities. The more people you recruit, the more exp you will gain.

    If you think you may enjoy it, please give it a try. When you are creating your character and ask if you have a master, please type in my code (GFAFFHFE). It does help me to have more people join using my code, but it also gives you double exp for three days and special armor bonuses for joining my dojo. So it's a win-win for both of us. Hopefully, you'd consider helping out a fellow Epic Pet Wars player rather than some random person who lies about what types on bonuses you will get for joining them (Many people will guarantee getting bears and pets as bonuses but there's no way to predict that). This way... we both benefit!

    Hope to see you guys in the Dojo! 8-) And thanks for anyone who helps me out!

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