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    all about me! arron! ~eeb8k~

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    all about me! arron! ~eeb8k~ Empty all about me! arron! ~eeb8k~

    Post  arron on Fri May 22, 2009 3:00 pm

    er hallo! my name is claire! i'm fourteen years old. i am of the female persuasion! haha i'm about to go into high school in elkhart indiana. and i am now super stuck in a situation i don't know if i can handle all by myself! D= oh noes! other than that my life is pritty fun and interesting! im in the marching band and friends with er most of the 100 some people in it as well as everyone i keep telling they should join which is more then 55% of my school! haha =P and i guess that sums it up! oh and sorry if i do end up getting a bit hyper! i tend to do that alot! man this feels like one of the prodgects i had to do in elementry school -_- yay!!

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